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About More About Our SUPA PVC BOARD

Our SUPA PVC BOARD is specially imported to South Africa, to meet the most demanding and varied applications. We also boast an impressive array of different thickness boards, manufactred to international specification and exported to a variety of other countries. As suppliers and manufacturs of PVC Board, which serves as the perfect replacement for MDF Board and Chipboard, we boast not only some of the very best quality pvc foam board in the market, but also boast some of the very best pricing available anywhere. We currently supply PVC Board for a variety of uses, including PVC backing board for printers, PVC Furtniture, PVC Kitchens and Kitchen fitments, Vanities, BIC's and more.

Our board undergoes extensive, continues testing and thanks to our state of the art R & D Centre (Research and development centre), we can confidentialy say that our chemical process for manufacutre and supply of our PVC Foam board is not only less environemtnally invase, thanks to the recyclibiliy factorm but also outlasts most-all other competitors in the market by a significant margin.

We're A Trusted Supplier

We are one of South Africa's largest and leading manufacturs of PVC Board and PVC Foam Board, as well as suppliers of PVC Board and PVC Foam Board.

We Have An Extensive Distribution Network

Although our manufacturing facility is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, we have agencies all around South Africa, including in Durban (KZN), Cape Town (Western Cape), Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape), Limpop, Mpumalanga, The Freestate, and all other provinces of South Africa.

We Have Excellent After-Sales Service

We take our customer service, and after-sales service extremely seriously. Any officially agent of Supa PVC Board is held to extremely high service standards and service agreements, and are held to the highest standards of service delivery.